Welcome to ISG Classified Ads website!

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Welcome to ISG Classified Ads website!

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The ISG Classified Ads website is owned and operated by International Schools Group. The site includes school open days, classified ads, small ads, free ads, school notices, school noticeboards and school advertisements. Schools use the site for school notices, school fund raising and to advertise school open days.

To use the site, users must register under the school's "@isg.edu.sa" account.

ISG monitors its site and will remove any inappropriate or offensive ads.

Important Notes:
  • ISG will have NO involvement or responsibility in the payment or delivery arrangements made between the buyers and sellers.
  • Buyers should contact the seller directly via email (or via phone if provided) for any further information.
  • If you’re leaving Saudi Arabia, please include the last day for people to contact you. This helps keep the Classifieds current.
  • The ISG community Classifieds are for goods and services within the ISG community only.

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